Church Media

Our family moved to Bakersfield in 2005 to serve on the staff of Valley Baptist Church.  Dave's responsibility was to build, manage, and operate a new television production facility.  Our facility was ready for operation in Mid April 2006.

We've had so many questions about the facility. We put this page on line to help answer inquires about it.
Click here for a photo album of the production rooms.

We currently produce programming for local, national and international viewing, including an Arabic version seen in North America.  Details at


Valley's Media Operations Center is housed in more than 6,000 square feet of what used to be a children's nursery and preschool.|
Final design was finalized in mid 2005, and local builder Kyle Carter was brought on to remodel the facility.  Industrial Video Corporation of Ohio was utilized as our systems integrator and proved invaluable in the process.  Much of the equipment was selected at the NAB in 2005 including several key purchases on the floor of the convention.

The Media Center is more than just a television production facility. Our offices, conference room, kitchen and storage spaces are also located here.  We house printing equipment, the central computer server facility and data distribution, master antenna origination and distribution equipment, and security and fire equipment


Our facility is completely digital. Using SDI throughout we minimized signal conversion. Just about all equipment is HD ready.  Our baseline is tapeless with capture uncompressed on our AVID system and field recording using IMX-50 on Sony XDCAM.  All final mastering for archive is on XDCAM at IMX-50.  We have tried to avoid any compress/decompress cycles in post production.  We have found the long GOP of IMX-50 to be outstanding in picture quality.  Sony's XDCAM system has been extremely reliable and a huge time saver in post production.  The AVID works great with it.

We've had many questions about our selection of Echolab switchers. Early on we evaluated Grass Valley, Ross, Thompson and Sony switchers.  In the process we stumbled on Echolab at NAB.  We looked and listened to what they had to say.  They used very smart technology that included some innovative cost effective solutions. Our selection of Echolab saved us money that we used on other important equipment.  Operationally, there's been nothing we can't do and reliability and ease of use has been nothing short of remarkable. 

We have triax cable points at 17 positions both inside and outside our Worship Center.  These are all patchable along with SDI, genlock, and video return lines for locating the jib.  Clean feed video and audio lines are also distributed outside to a covenant location for local media to access.

Equipment List

Two (2) Echolab Nova 1716 SDI Switchers
Four (4) Sony DXC-D50WS Cameras. CATX50 Triax back and 5-inch studio viewfinders.  CCUTX50 with RCPD50 joystick controllers.
One (1) Sony PDW-530 XDCAM camera with 24p and SDI cards.
Two (2) Fujinon Ah50x9.5BESM 50X Box Lenses with servo zoom controllers and manual focus controllers.
Three (3) Fujinon A20x8.6BERM 20X ENG style lenses with servo zoom controllers and manual focus controllers.
Two (2) Vinten HDR Tripods with Vector 60 Heads.
Two (2) Vinten Vision 11 Systems.
One (1) Vinten Vision 100 System.
CamMate Travel series 25-foot jib.
AVID Media Composer Adrenalin non-liner editing system.  Multiple AVID raid storage with 3TB on-line storage.  Also AVID Express system on Dell Workstation with 500GB raid storage.
Three (3) Harris VTM-150 SDI Waveform/Vector monitors using 19" LCD panels for monitoring. (engineering, production control, AVID)
360 Systems Image server 2000.
Lance Designs TDC-100 server controller.
AVID/Pinnacle FXDeko2 dual channel CG with fast action keyboard.
Two (2) Sony XDCAM PDW-1500 Record/Playback decks.
Sony PVW-2800 BetaSP Record/Playback deck.
Panasonic AJ-D455E DVCPro Record/Playback deck.
Pioneer PRV-LX1 DVD Recorder/Player deck.
Ross RossGear terminal frames for distribution, monitoring, frame sync, and conversion.
Harris Videotek VSG-204 SDI Master Sync Generator.
Harris Videotek 12x12 audio/video breakaway router.
Clearcom 4-channel intercom system including multiple master stations, 2-channel stations, belt packs, headsets, 4-wire interface, and telephone interface systems. Also 2 channel WBS-260 wireless intercom and interface to wired system.
ESE Master Clock with 2.3" remote display and stand alone producers up/down timer with rack mount display.
Thirty seven (37) Ikegami HPM-9050 9-inch high definition monochrome monitors.
Four (4) Ikegami TM9-3 Series color monitors.
Four (4) Sony BVML-230 Master Color LCD Monitors.
JVC TM-H1750CGU Hi Resolution CRT Master Monitor.
Wohler audio monitors and level metering.

Six (6) Tannoy Reveal audio monitoring speakers.
Four (4) Crown audio amplifiers.
Two (2) Hafler M5 speakers in AVID suite.
Tascam DM-3200 Digital Audio Mixing Console.
Mackie audio mixer in AVID Suite
Prompter People Broadcast 17 teleprompt system.
Miscellaneous CD decks, cassette decks, audio compressors, AVIOM controller, USB audio converters, Dell workstations, AKG 441 studio microphone, audio and video patch panels, UPS systems, DVD decks, C-Band satellite receiver, digital cable TV receiver, MiniDV recorder.


40X30 TV studio with full lighting grid.
Colortran Fresnel's.
ETC Force 4 Ellipsoidal lights.
Flo-Light Key cool lights.
Uni-Set modular studio set system, modular news interview system, cromakey set back system.